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Lula Mom Solid Pregnancy Pillow (Pack of 1, Lark)

  • Rs. 3,375

About the Product
  • Maternity & Nursing Pillow
  • Improves sleeping position for pregnant women::Excellent back and belly support ::Itsworks is by cradling all of the natural curves of the body to help keep mom comfortable while she sleeps::Soft and smooth fabric for maximum Nursingcomfort::Reduced heartburn and acid reflux::Prevents snoring effectively::Eliminates low back pain by offering true spinal support::Easy to clean and wash
  • Single Side Insert Open
  • Relives body pain
  • Erogonomic Design::Multi Posture Resting::Pre-Post Delivery Use::Belly & back support::Comfort for legs::Spinal support::Great Gift too

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