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Lula Mom Red striped Nursing cover

Lula Mom Red striped Nursing cover

  • Rs. 420

Lula Mom nursing aprons give you 100% instant privacy! Breast feeding moms get the freedom to breastfeed the baby anywhere without being nervous. Feel relaxed and covered while feeding in any surrounding, any time, with anyone around. It has an adjustable strap and a band at the top so you can peek in and see the baby while feeding; that gives you a great bonding time. The Lula Mom nursing apron creates a soft canopy that is a secure place for the baby to feel relaxed and feed at ease. With soft cotton fabric and workmanship, the apron looks good and stylish. It is made of breathable cotton; it is very easy to fold and carry in your bag. It is a handy accessory. Lula Mom nursing apron is a great gift too.

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